Piping isometrics: What is Piping Isometrics.

Piping isometric is a representation of 3D view of piping layout of the plant. These piping isometric are automatically produced from the 3D software’s like PDMS, PDS, SP3D, Autopipe etc and some times these  piping isometrics are develop from manually  in auto cad with the help of piping general arrangements drawings. Piping isometric shall include pipes, pipe fitting, valves, instruments, piping specialties, flanges and other accessories as indicted in P & I diagram. Support location & type shall be marked as suggested by stress department. A statement-indicating bill of materials shall also be drawn on the same drawing.

Generally one isometric drawing is produced for one line. Piping isometric contain the bill of material list, which shows the no of mtrs pipe, quantity of flange, elbow, valve, gasket, nuts and bolt, erection materials and fabrications materials.

Fabrication materials is that materials which are going weld or assemble ( thread fitting ) in the yard fabrication shop.

Erection materials is that materials which are going to used in the site for assembly of pipe spools like gaskets, bolts etc.

Purpose of the document

This piping isometrics is used for withdrawal of materials required for fabrication from stores and pre fabrication of piping spools in the fabrication shop.


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