Swing Spool: what is swing spool

Swing spool 

Swing spool is used to change the service/operation in the plant from one system to another system without addition of new pipe spool. Same old pipe spool is used to when switchover   the operation from one service to another service. Swing spool reduce the down time and cost of the of the running plant because existing piping spool is already in the plant within the same location.

Operation team must isolate that system and then take all the necessary approval from safety then do the changeover of swing spool. While doing the changeover of the swing spool operation team need new gaskets and bolts and nuts.  Gasket/bolts, nuts may be damage while removing that swing spool from previous connecting line because that swing spool is operation from long time. It may damage from rust or from the wear or tear while opening the nut/bolts by mechanical forces.  

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