scrapper tee: what is scrapper tee / barred tee?

Scrapper Tee

Scrapper tee or sphere tee or flow tee essentially consists of concentric barrel tees. The purpose of   the scrapper tee is not to allow passage of the   pig sphere/scrapper on the branch  side.

The scrapper tee shall be suitable for pigging operation with process hydrocarbon/saw sea water. The scrapper tee inside diameter shall be same as that of  inside diameter of riser in splash zone to maintain constant ID to permit smooth pigging operations.

No bar shall be used.

Maximum possible opening shall be provided through slots to limit the pressure drop i.e total opening shall be  1.0 to 1.5 times the branch pipe area.

Thickness of run/branch is to be  calculated by vendor to the required design pressure and temperature and it shall match with the corresponding  matching pipeline for  free passage of pig as per DNV rules for submarine pipeline.

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