AutoCAD: AutoCAD 2D/3D commands

AutoCAD is used in almost every engineering company like, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Power engineering, Oil and Gas industries. These industries totally depend upon product drawings of the particular filed. Theses Drawings are made in AutoCAD. In engineering companies their business starts from product drawings i.e. they know the cost of product from drawings then bid to clients. In nutshell Drawings is the Languages of Engineer's. There are other drawings related software also but AutoCAD is the most basic software used for 2D/3D Drawings.

2D commands used in AutoCAD

  • Line command: This command is used to draw lines in AutoCAD by writing in the AutoCAD command box. Just write shortcut 'L' in command prompt. Give distance the line will appear in AutoCAD.
  • Circle Command: To draw a circle write shortcut 'C' in command prompt. There are options there under circle command 2P, 3P, TTR options for drawing the circle.
  • Polylines (Pl): To draw multiple lines/Arc in AutoCAD used Polylines.
  • Arc (A): To draw arc used arc command. There are six type of Arc s in AutoCAD used as per requirement on drawings
  • Extend (ex): To extend existing Lines on drawings used extend command.
  • Trim (tr): To delete extend line at particular point used trim command.
  • Stretch (s): To increase the size of object.
  • Rectangle (Rec): To create a rectangle in AutoCAD used AutoCAD Rectangle command.
  • Polygon (Pol): To draw Pentagon, hexagon, Octagon used Polygon command.
  • Erase (E): To delete and object from drawings used erase command.
  • Dimensions (Dim): to give dimension to drawings used Dim command.
  • Match property: To make same colour/ style of previous object to new object used Match command.
  • Change properly (CH): If you want to increase /decrease /colour /layer of object used Change property command.
  • Hatch (H): For hatching object/fill solid/ colour/ material symbol used hatch command
  • Rotate (Ro): Rotate to line / object to any direction weather it clockwise or antic lock wise uses rotate command.
  • Move (M): Move the line/object from one place to another place in drawing used Move command.
  • Copy (Co): To copy similar line/object used copy command.
  • Mirror: If line /object required same size and in opposite direction used mirror command.
  • Array: This command used to copy object in horizontal direction as well as circular direction with specific c distance. 
  • Explode: To break the assembly of objects like rectangle is one object use explode command to four different lines for rectangle.
  • Offset: To copy line /object at required distance
  • Text (T): To place a text in drawings used text command.

AutoCAD 3D Commands

  • Extrusion (Ext): To give the height of object used Extrusion command.
  • Subtractions (sub): Reduce the 3D solids from one solid to another solid. Example door from the wall.
  • Fillet (F): To round the edge of object used fillet command.
    Chamfer (CH): To give any angle to edge of object /surface used chamfer command.
  • Union: To combine 3D solid used union command.
  • Intersect: To create 3d solid by interesting of two object.
    Shell: Convert 3D Solid in to hollow shell of required wall thinness used shell command.


AutoCAD is used almost every industry likes Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, Power, and oil and Gas industry. If anyone has the knowledge for AutoCAD, He can work in this company as Draughtsman, Designer, and Design Engineers as per his experience.

Advantages of AutoCAD

  • The drawings are produced faster than manual board drawings.
  • Easy to store drawings in AutoCAD.
  • Modification of drawings is very easy in AutoCAD as compared to manual drawings.
  • We can see the 3D view of particular drawings if we made those drawings in 3D Model.
  • Better representation of drawings than manual drawings.
  • In AutoCAD there is inbuilt library of some common symbol of different discipline which can use for better output and easy understandable university.
  • AutoCAD drawings are easy for communication i.e. we sent these files to Email also.

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