pipe rack: What is pipe rack

What are design considerations for pipe rack ?
 Ans : Rack width, no of levels and elevations, bent spacing, pipe flexibility, Access and maintenance of each item in pipe rack.

What are steps in  pipe rack design?
Ans : Generate line routine diagram, Calculate bent spacing, set width of rack, decide elevations and levels.

What is pipe bent?
Ans : Pipe bent consists of a vertical column or columns and a horizontal structural member or members that carry piping systems, usually above the headroom.

What factors affect pipe span?
Ans : Size, Schedule, liquid or vapor, insulated or bare pipe.

What are spandrels?
Ans : Horizontal structural members located along the longitudinal centerline that are used for structural stability, pipe support or intermediate pipe bents.

Which lines placed where in pipe rack ?
 Ans : Process lines on lower level, utility lines on top level, instrument and cable trays on utility level or separate topmost level, Heavy lines near columns, Flare line outside rack on cantilever beams or inside rack above top level , steam lines with expansion loops on one side of rack, line s with orifice runs on one side of rack beside columns for maintenance using portable ladder.

How much extra space required for pipe rack ?
 Ans : 20 % extra for future lines.

How to route steam lines on  pipe rack ?
Ans : Steam headers on top level or rack, determine growth by multiplying coefficient (From nomograph) of expansion by length of line. Try anchor in middle, determine growth of each branch and see weather the have enough flexibility, if not anchor at ¼ th distance on both sides, determine amount of expansion leg from nomograph, and decide loop size. Line that require largest

 For pipe rack design calculations  check here

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