Documents Required for Column Designing

Documents Required for Column Designing

The basic below mention documents shall be studied thoroughly for conceptual arrangement of piping around a column.

The basic layout and general engineering specifications

  • The minimum access, walkways, platforms width and headroom requirements.
  • Handling facilities for tower internals, manhole covers, line blinds, relief valves.
  • Maximum rise of ladders.
  • Pipe-system requirements, such as open or closed relieving systems.
  • Minimum line-size and required hose-stations.
  • Access to valves and instruments.
Design Standards

  • Details of ladder dimensions
  • Ladder and platform position (Step through or side step landings)
  • Toe-plate, handrail and safety-gate details.

 P&ID and Technical specification of column

  • Process data showing interconnected equipment and piping.
  • Pipe sizes and pipeline components.
  • Steam tracing and insulation thickness.
  • Tower elevations and differences in related equipment levels.
Plot Plan

  • The physical location of a column and its relationship to other equipment.
  • Main access.
  • Main pipe run or pipe rack.
  • Location of pumps.
  • A typical cross-section of a piperack running through the tower area of a refinery type plant
  • A typical plan of equipments located in the refinery type of plants highlighting the maintenance access.

Instrument standard

  • The location of instrument connections to tower for gauges, level controllers and level alarms.
  • Location of pressure and temperature connections without orientation.
  • The instrumentation systems around the tower are depicted in the P&ID.

Fabrication drawing / detail dimensional drawings of column

  • Diameter and height of column.
  • Details and dimensions of internals.
  • Manhole
  • Process-piping connections in elevation (without orientation)
  • Drum, pump, exchanger drawings giving details of adjacent process equipment or equipment supported on column itself.
  • An integrated piping study should be developed from the above information.
  • The piping study should take care of all the general recommendations of piping arrangement around the column and its related equipment and facilities
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