Piping layout drawings

Piping layout shows the  is over all dimensions of the plants/system/unit  from where the plants starts and ends which shows the  all piping, equipment nozzles, structure, piping supports, instruments tags, sp items etc. Piping layout is very important for installation of piping in the site.

Piping layout drawings shall show the piping on plan view and give all the information required for the preparation of isometric drawings and for erection of the piping. Cross- section and details shall be drafted on these drawings to facilities the drafting of the isometrics drawings
The orientation of the drawings shall be indicated on the drawings. If possible it should be same in all cases. The number of the drawings adjacent to boundaries of the given drawings shall be indicated

Contents should be include into the piping layout while preparing:

  • Dimensioning:- Unit boundaries, row of pipe racks and structure and equipment shall be laid out with reference to system of coordinates. The elevations of horizontal equipment and platforms and the bottom levels of grouped or individual piping, etc shall be indicated.
  • Equipment nozzles:-Tables shall be specifying the characteristics   of equipment nozzles including diameters, rating, elevations, orientations and centre distances.

  • Representation of Piping:- In case of piping drawings to a scale of 1/33 or 1/50. Then piping up to 12 inch diameter shall be shown by singles lines and piping 14 inch  and above in diameter shall be shown in double lines. All the piping lines shall be indentified by the line number as per in process and instruments diagrams. Along side this number the direction of flow, insulation and tracing shall be indicated.  While preparing the piping layouts drawings designer have to check the  clients project drafting standards and prepare the piping layout drawings according to that because every client have their different drafting standards. Some clients want all the piping in double lines in piping layout and some are above mention. So it varies clients to clients.
  •  Pipe Supports:- The supports of piping 2 inch and above shall be shown and their positions identified.
  • Instruments:- All instruments in lines or on equipment shall be shown and marked with identifications appearing on the  P & ID in the piping layout drawings
  • Special items:- All the special items should be marked in the piping layout drawings as per piping and instruments drawings. Special items like corrosion coupons, strainers, flame arrestors etc.

Documents required for piping layout drawings

  • Piping & instrumentation Diagram (P & ID).
  • Equipment Layout.
  • Piping Specification.
  • Equipment Drawing.
  • Vendor Requirement for proprietary equipment.

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