Gaskets: Types of Gaskets

A. Full face.
B. Spiral wound metallic.
C. Ring type.
D. Metal jacketed.
E. Inside bolt circle.
The most commonly used material for Gasket is Compressed Asbestos Fibre. For high temperature & high-pressure application Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket is used. While the selecting the material of construction of Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket.  These below mention points have to consider

A. The corrosive nature and concentration of fluid being carried.
B. The operating temperature of the fluid.
C. The relative cost of alternate winding material.
Materials used for spiral wound metallic gasket winding is  Austenitic stainless steel 304 with asbestos filler, Austenitic stainless steel 316 with asbestos filler, Austenitic stainless steel 321 with asbestos filler.

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